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Not Now Honey, I’m Playing Bingo

Trudy lived in The British Home and was pretty spunky for her 91 years. Her friend and PeopleCare volunteer, Carol would visit her from time to time to talk. Trudy always looked forward to the visits, as did Carol, who maintains she gained as much from the visits as Trudy did.

This day was a special visit. It was Christmas morning and Carol had gone to midnight Mass the night before. She had a special feeling the warmth in her heart. One thing kept tugging at her though…Trudy…visit Trudy.

So she did. She found Trudy in her room. When she realized Carol was there, she said, “ I prayed that you would visit today. ” Trudy was not doing well. They talked…reminisced…it was nice to have a friend. What a nice morning.

The next time, just after the holidays Carol visited again. This time Trudy wasn’t in her room. Concerned, Carol looked everywhere, finally finding her, wheelchair and all, in the lounge playing bingo.

Relieved, Carol stopped in and said,  “Hi Trudy, how are you doing?”

Trudy bubbled,  “Not now , Honey, I’m playing bingo!”

After a laugh of disbelief, Carol sat and waited for a few minutes as the game finished. She and Trudy then talked for about an hour about her sudden energy. Trudy remarked that she was still waiting for the Polident Carol had promised to bring at Christmas. Trudy also couldn’t remember her birthday, which Carol reminded her was May 13th, when she’d be 92.

When Carol called Alice the next morning to check in…she got word that Trudy had died during the night. She had been able to see her friend for the last time. Carol still misses Trudy.