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HOTH Endowment

No older person in the last third of life will feel abandoned and will be able to live out their life in the most productive way possible.” –The PeopleCare Vision statement

We all plan for the future. Often we set goals for ourselves, such as advancing our careers, running a marathon or visiting exotic places. However, the most important plans we make concern the welfare of others, particularly our families. We thoughtfully consider what the future may hold and take appropriate action to meet the needs of those who are important to us.

As friends and neighbors, sometimes we are called upon to help those who cannot always help themselves in the same way. To help achieve the mission of helping older adults in our community, PeopleCare has established an endowment fund to provide a reliable source of income to the organization and its mission for generations to come.

The Hats Off To Helen Endowment Fund (HOTH), named for our Founder Helen Jablonski, has a unique purpose in the life of our community—to empower the mission and sustain the operating budget of PeopleCare beyond what is possible through annual operating funds. The Endowment Fund is not simply a hedge against future uncertainties, but is a commitment to provide future generations of older adults assistance and support by providing socialization, emotional support and access to service providers.

Furthermore, in the event that PeopleCare, Inc were to dissolve or for any reason cease to maintain continuity, the HOTH Endowment will continue to support the mission of PeopleCare and, on a grass roots level, strive to support the vision that is the basis of all PeopleCare services and initiatives: “that no older person in the last third of life will feel abandoned and will be able to live out their life in the most productive way possible.” This assistance could help support other organizations and/or initiatives affecting the PeopleCare mission within the older adult community.

Older Adult Initiatives

The following values are affirmed as central to our work with older adults:

  • All individuals will be treated with integrity, sincerity and empathy
  • All individuals’ privacy, dignity, autonomy and diversity will be respected and honored
  • PeopleCare and HOTH are charged with a commitment to direct service, team work, partnership and connection to the community especially to individuals and family members.

Currently PeopleCare offers the following services and initiatives throughout the communities of Brookfield, LaGrange, LaGrange Park , Lyons, North Riverside, Riverside, and Westchester:

  • Cooperative Group Grocery Shopping (in partnership with Cantata Adult Life Services)
  • Friendly Home Visitation
  • Information and Referral
  • Volunteer Transportation
  • Voucher Taxi Program (in partnership with Aging Care Connections)

HOTH Endowment Goals

The number one goal of HOTH is to grow the Endowment to a level where the return on investment could empower and sustain the operating budget of PeopleCare, Inc. beyond yearly income from services and foundation grants. More than 70% of the current budget has come from foundation grants, with additional support from service fees and personal donations. This is not a sustainable solution for the foreseeable future. It will be necessary for us to not only continue partnering in the community, working with local foundations, and reaching out to the growing numbers of older adults in need of support, but to create more efficient ways to support the older adult initiatives. To do that, we must be able to deal from a position of strength—both programmatically and financially.

  • 2 year goal of $500,000 by fiscal year end 2016
  • 5 Year goal of $1,000,000 by fiscal year end 2019
  • 10 year of $2,000,000 by fiscal year end 2024

At our current budgetary levels, a return on investment of 5% could sustain PeopleCare operations on yearly basis, indefinitely. It would also allow us to advance initiatives and support further into our surrounding communities.

Gifts to the HOTH Endowment for PeopleCare

Gifts to the HOTH Endowment for PeopleCare can be made in two ways: by a direct gift of cash or check, or by a planned gift. Planned Gifts, though requiring financial and estate planning assistance, offer a unique opportunity to make a substantial gift to the HOTH Endowment Fund while providing for one’s family. Some planned gift options provide income for life and reduce the tax burden on the donors and their heirs.

We’ve made available a small pamphlet – Thank You Remembering PeopleCare – which outlines the most common types of planned giving and their benefits. We ask that you consider your role in the future of PeopleCare and the continuing service to older adults in the community. You can make a difference.

Please feel free to contact me or any member of the Endowment Committee for additional information, or to discuss confidentially the best way to make a gift. We are grateful for your generosity and commitment to ensure the future of the PeopleCare mission.


Bruce F. Jablonski
Executive Director