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95-Year Old Soccer Player Breaks Hip

Yes, that’s what we said a 95 year old broke his hip while playing soccer. The Florida grand kids convinced Grandpa to play soccer with them and he was doing just fine until he fell…broke his hip…and had to be taken to a Florida hospital. The doctor suggested that it could not be repaired without at least a partial replacement.

Remember, Grandpa is just visiting in Florida, so after the operation he’ll have to get back home to Riverside for the remainder of his recuperation and therapy.

That’s when the call came into PeopleCare. How does he get home? What do we do when he gets here? He can’t walk…how will he get around the house …go to the bathroom or shower. The questions were endless.

The wheels started turning. We made a call to the airline to make sure they had a service get him on the plane and then a call to Grandpa and Grandma in Florida to assure them that all was arranged for the trip.

Now what do we do at home? Well, we called the Riverside Township office to see if they might have the necessary aids for a “temporarily handicapped” person. Sure enough, they had a wheel chair, shower seat, commode, etc. We made arrangements to pick them up and delivered them to Grandpa’s house. We also made arrangements for a local woodworker to install a couple of stair railings to help Grandpa get up the stairways. Oh, and we almost forgot, there was a quick run to the hardware store to pick-up and install a new handheld shower so he could take a shower without falling.

The house was about ready for their return, all we needed was to make arrangements for live-in help. A call to Staying at Home took care of that just in time for their arrival.

Whew! Everything was all together, just in time, with the help of Grandpa and Grandma’s neighbor and friend. Then guess what? Grandma fell on the basement stairs and injured her leg. But that’s another story.

Grandpa sent a nice letter to PeopleCare saying that we had “indeed made (his) life more bearable,” and continued by saying, “It can be said ” your friend is your needs answered.’ Thanks PeopleCare.”