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Sometimes the Rules Don’t Count

Sometimes you never know where the help will be needed. A PeopleCare volunteer had been visiting Phyllis, an 80 year old with Alzheimers. One particular visit she seemed especially agitated and upset. When asked if there was anything wrong she indicated that her daughter, Ellen, 51, had been diagnosed with cancer and was having a very difficult time coping with her treatments. Ellen was growing weaker every day and could no longer drive or help her mother. Who would be able to help?

Although the daughter was not over 65 we felt we could help because we were already helping her mother and helping one meant helping both. We were able to drive Mary Ann to her treatments and a member of our staff did a lot of listening and hand holding, in addition to working with Community Care Options, making both of them as comfortable as possible.

Ellen died in May of that year and her mother died in the British Home in November of same year. One of our staff attended the visitations and services.